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Knowledge index:

▶ myVesta
     ▶ How to regenerate disk usage statistics
     ▶ myVesta Logo
     ▶ Migrating to myVesta
     ▶ How to spot http flood on server
     ▶ How to stop and disable some unnecessary services
     ▶ Can I use File Manager in myVesta?
     ▶ myVesta can't login after install
     ▶ Command for restarting myVesta hosting panel
     ▶ Why Debian?
     ▶ Is myVesta safe for professional hosting?
     ▶ Purpose of myVesta secret URL
     ▶ Proper way to change server IP
     ▶ Change admin password from SSH
     ▶ Can not login to admin [blank page]
     ▶ Proper way to change server hostname
     ▶ Error update failed
     ▶ Why myVesta supports only Debian
     ▶ Why I made myVesta and not joined HestiaCP
     ▶ How to see, set, change or delete secret-URL of hosting panel

▶ Installation
     ▶ Error: Reversed (or previously applied) patch detected! Assume -R? [n]
     ▶ curl not found
     ▶ Recommended disk setup?
     ▶ RAM usage of all services
     ▶ Domain or subdomain for server hostname?
     ▶ myVesta Installation Script Generator
     ▶ What is the easiest way to migrate from VestaCP to myVesta
     ▶ RAM usage of myVesta services
     ▶ Minimum hardware requirements
     ▶ Available options during install

▶ Update
     ▶ How to properly update system with myVesta
     ▶ dpkg frontend lock

▶ Web
     ▶ Web templates
          ▶ Apache templates
               ▶ Why you shouldn't create an alias for the primary domain if you just need redirection
               ▶ How to properly redirect one domain to another
               ▶ Force www or non-www website URL
               ▶ What is PHP-FPM-7x-public template

          ▶ nginx templates
               ▶ Your .env file is available in public - how to prevent this
               ▶ How to make a copy of nodejs-nginx-template with another port
               ▶ How to serve some file types from Apache instead from nginx
               ▶ NodeJS nginx templates
               ▶ Struggled with Moodle (Nginx)
               ▶ Explaination of nginx (proxy) templates
               ▶ WordPress permalinks is not working in Apache-less myVesta
               ▶ How to install rate-limit nginx templates
               ▶ Reverse proxy to another IP
               ▶ Images are not displayed on my site

          ▶ Should we change template to hostname virtualhost?

     ▶ Webmail
          ▶ How to install new Roundcube 1.5
          ▶ Roundcube Filters plugin
          ▶ Webmail and phpmyadmin are not working on my site

     ▶ phpMyAdmin
          ▶ What are PHPmyadmin credentials
          ▶ How i change phpmyadmin url link on my vestacp?
          ▶ Blank page on phpmyadmin
          ▶ How do I set SUPER privilege for a user? phpmyadmin error "1044 - Access denied for user"
          ▶ Webmail and phpmyadmin are not working on my site

     ▶ PHP
          ▶ Required GMP PHP Extension
          ▶ How to restart all PHP-FPM versions at once
          ▶ Failed to start The PHP 8.0 FastCGI Process Manager
          ▶ How to see PHP files that are recently uploaded/modified on some domain
          ▶ How to see PHP files that are recently uploaded/modified on some domain
          ▶ How to change the PHP version for PHP scripts running with CRON
          ▶ How to enable pcntl_fork
          ▶ Error from PHP log: Invalid command 'php_flag'
          ▶ PHP 7.x FPM Update ERROR
          ▶ How to change default php-cli version
          ▶ .user.ini
          ▶ Install Moodle with open_basedir
          ▶ Apache-less variant with PHP 7.4 or greater
          ▶ ionCube loader install
          ▶ Where php.ini is located
          ▶ How to install multi PHP versions

     ▶ SSL
          ▶ Let's Encrypt certificate does not work on Android 9 and 11
          ▶ Let's Encrypt - DST Root CA X3 expiration (September 2021)
          ▶ Error: Let's Encrypt validation status 400
          ▶ Disable TLS1.1 is a good idea ?
          ▶ domain failed 7 times for LetsEncrypt renewing, skipping
          ▶ CloudFlare SSL with self-signed SSL
          ▶ SSL support for SMTP and IMAP for
          ▶ How to install SSL certificate to myVesta, Exim and dovecot daemons

     ▶ NAT or public IP Address
     ▶ Increasing Upload Size on MyVestaCP

▶ Mail
     ▶ Anti-spam
          ▶ How to add Barracuda RBL check
          ▶ Just add [SPAM] in Subject and not move mails to Spam folder

     ▶ How to disable local_delivery and keep domain in MAIL section for domains that is not hosting emails on our server
     ▶ Error: Helo name contains a ip address (HELO was and not is valid / Access denied - Invalid HELO name
     ▶ How to whitelist domain in spamassassin
     ▶ How to inspect incoming email issues
     ▶ How to block email address or domain
     ▶ exim paniclog /var/log/exim4/paniclog has non-zero size, mail system might be broken.
     ▶ How to ignore email or domain in fail2ban
     ▶ Apply hostname SSL from other domain (and make it hostname)
     ▶ I cant send e-mails but I can receive them. SMTP problems
     ▶ Roundcube Filters plugin
     ▶ How to remove a limit of max 15 recipients per email
     ▶ How to set some domain to send emails from another IP
     ▶ SSL support for SMTP and IMAP for
     ▶ Limit of sent emails

▶ DB
     ▶ MariaDB is down, and in /var/log/mysql/error.log we see: [ERROR] Can't init tc log
     ▶ How to import SQL dump file to database via SSH
     ▶ Error: Row size too large (> 8126)
     ▶ Error: Specified key was too long; max key length is 767 bytes
     ▶ How to install myVesta with MySQL 8
     ▶ mariadb.conf tweak for 4 / 8 GB RAM
     ▶ mariadb.conf tweak for 32 GB RAM or more
     ▶ 2006 MySQL server has gone away
     ▶ mariadb.conf tweak for 16 GB RAM
     ▶ Database size?

     ▶ How to find what is the server that hosts emails for some domain
     ▶ How to conduct DNS lookup over domain to find on which server is hosted
     ▶ How to conduct reverse DNS lookup
     ▶ db permission denied
     ▶ Different nameserver IPs and proper setup
     ▶ Name servers software versions are exposed
     ▶ PTR record?
     ▶ Where is DNS zone file
     ▶ DNS cluster is not working

     ▶ Chroot SFTP? How to limit users only to their home folder and sub folder
     ▶ FTP over TLS

▶ Backup
     ▶ backups double the size of account?
     ▶ How to allow backup process only during the night?
     ▶ Backup Vesta to Backblaze B2
     ▶ Limiting number of remote backups
     ▶ How to make remote backup?
     ▶ How to turn off email notification of Full Backup Report

▶ Softaculous
     ▶ How to install Softaculous

▶ ClamAV
     ▶ malware scan
     ▶ How to install ClamAV on MyVesta
     ▶ clamav-daemon service failed

▶ Firewall
     ▶ How to whitelist some IP in fail2ban
     ▶ How to check if fail2ban banned some IP
     ▶ Custom firewall script [SOLVED]
     ▶ How to ignore email or domain in fail2ban
     ▶ Firewall is blocking my IP, blocking emails receiving
     ▶ how to setup csf firewall?
     ▶ Iptables always shows Uptime: 0 minutes

▶ Bash
     ▶ Moving domains and databases from one account to another
     ▶ How to replace old domain to new domain in WordPress database
     ▶ How to suspend only domain (WEB) without suspending MAIL and DNS services
     ▶ How to find on which user account is some domain hosted
     ▶ Automatic WordPress installing (v-install-wordpress)
     ▶ Cloning website, making staging copy (v-clone-website)
     ▶ How to migrate WordPress to https (v-migrate-site-to-https)
     ▶ v- commands not found

     ▶ Why API is not working?

▶ Optimizations
     ▶ Fresh Myvestacp Wordpress extreme slow load
     ▶ Need Optimization suggestions for a new server
     ▶ Making WordPress faster

▶ Migrations
     ▶ cpanel mail to vesta
     ▶ How to import cPanel backup to myVesta server
     ▶ How to move accounts from one (my)Vesta server to another myVesta server

▶ Other
     ▶ Third-party software
          ▶ WordPress
               ▶ Guide for configuring WordPress Multisite
               ▶ WordPress - install fast

          ▶ WHMCS is not working

     ▶ Elastic Search: failed to create query: field expansion matches too many fields, limit: 1024, got: 1399
     ▶ rrd script for UPS

▶ Linux tutorials
     ▶ Security
          ▶ How to see PHP files that are recently uploaded/modified on some domain

     ▶ How to find a folder which consumes a large amount of memory
     ▶ How to check the application listening ports
     ▶ How to fast check some archived log file
     ▶ How to make custom logrotate script
     ▶ How to set timezone on your server
     ▶ cgroups and (my)Vesta
     ▶ How to Install Composer
     ▶ How to add Login Alert Notification Debian 10/11
     ▶ How To Install Redis on Debian 10